Welcome to Wildwood Trading Company, we are a family owned business that makes custom furniture. We want our works to be a perfect fit in your home.

Our mission is to bring the wild woods of nature to everlasting furniture and help inspire connection for generations to come.

The Man Behind the Work

Curt Rader is an entrepreneur having started his first company in 1997, which he continues to manage along with two other companies. He has always worked with his hands and uses his creative mind to design original and unique pieces of furniture. Curt’s desire to create everlasting furniture that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Wildwood Studios

I have had a lifelong love for photography. Although I have not always been able to pursue this love, occasionally, I have been able to take time and immerse myself in the photography world. More recently, my path is leading me towards wildlife and architectural photography. Check out our new Wildwood Studios page.


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